Crowdfund an to end stigma of depression

Check out this holiday fundraising campaign on IndieGoGo for iFred, the International Foundation for Research and Education on Depression. They’re funding some fantastic programs for everyone from elementary kids to military families to raise awareness and end the stigma of depression. The program I find particularly compelling is the development of IMAlive, the world’s first online crisis network. With mental health services so terribly expensive and hard to access, online services will be vital in the coming years as both a first-line response and a long-term treatment option.

Please check out the campaign and throw a few dollars their way if you can. I know it’s a tight time of the year for a lot of people, but even $5 would help them reach their fundraising goal and fund a lot of really creative programs. Stigma sucks. Let’s fight it together.

Fat phobia ruins another great idea

I was so down with an article over at Blisstree about cooking and baking helping alleviate stress and anxiety. You guys. This is my thing. It's the one activity guaranteed to lift my mood, if I can bring myself to do it. So when the author included … [Continue reading]

Coming soon: A new Diva

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Beyond “get help.” The reality of accessing mental health services.

A few months ago, Robin Williams' suicide sparked a rash of posts on social media urging those struggling with mental illness to "get help." This was massively frustrating to me because, while well-intentioned, the people who posted and re-posted … [Continue reading]

Mental health self-care: Tips for sick days

As I mentioned yesterday, I hadn't posted in a while because I had been sick. Pretty much everything falls apart around here when I'm not physically or mentally well and the writing is the first thing to go. Followed by the proper eating, sleeping, … [Continue reading]